Sunday, July 10, 2011

Quick overview of United Economy Plus

Many people are curious as to whether UA economy plus is worth the extra cash. Compared to airlines such as Air New Zealand it is a crap program. It may not offer nearly flat seats with PTVs but it does offer early boarding and bigger legroom. For the price (reasonably low) this is worth it at least on flights over four hours. The extra legroomdoes feel great and make a difference. Economy on United is very basic, with very little perks compared to competitors (may change with merger with Continental). Stay posted as this will change in the foreseeable future!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Review: Jetblue Extra Legroom

On a recent flight i was feeling cramped and decided to try even more legroom seats. Extra legroom is great! The difference is much more noticeable than UA economy plus. It offer much better spacing for a good price! Thank you jetblue! This is still coach but besides being cramped seats you"ll hardly notice with your free tv, snacks, and drink. All jetblue needs is touchscreen AVOD and wifi. Wifi is coming though. Thank god for
jetblue! Here are a few pics.