Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Best Prop plane ride I have ever had

The other day I flew from Reagan National to HPN on US Air. The plane was a small fifty seater and yet when we had gotten on the bus a GA came aboard and told us we had to get off to resolve a weight issue. Ten of those 50 people were eventually booted or volunteered. When we got on the plane I was miserable. The engines were loud as prop planes usually are. We were delayed. I was stuck in the seat over from the window seat in the back of the plane. I had no window. I had no aisle. I wouldn’t even say I had a middle. It was five abreast. Luckily the FA let anyone go where ever due to the 10 open seats. I had a row to myself, a really good breakfast, and a few minutes to nap. There were a few kinks but in the end it was relaxing.

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