Thursday, August 18, 2011

Continental Amenities Kit: Review

Here's a quick review of Continental's Businessfirst Ammenitys kit:

The new bag More stylish than the old classic blue, durable, reusable, Rating:8/10

The inside

Not as nice as most airline combsRating:5/10

Earplugs: good at blocking engine noiseRating:9/10
Eyeshades: work well, not very comfortableRating:7/10
Health products: decent but not high qualityRating:6/10

Socks: very comfortableRating:9/10

Mints: tasty but lacks a sealable container. I miss tic tacs Rating:6/10

A nice little plastic pen +2

Wipes are a nice addition: +3 points
Toothbrush and toothpaste are name brand and high quality Rating:9/10

Overall rating:65/80 or 7/10
Very good for an American Airline

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